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China security engineering how to find new way

Time:2011-10-6 16:28:40Sources:YuzhiHao

News Details of the security industry is a "safe" service industry, Security Contractors as the contact person between the production enterprise and market users, the cultivation, promotion and rapid development of security markets play a crucial role. Has been a lack of market discipline, the security industry has emerged a market bottleneck.

At present, the bottleneck of China's security industry is mainly reflected in the following areas:

A market resource bottlenecks, early security projects clients mainly come from the public security agencies, government agencies, financial institutions, and industry With the rapid development of the security industry in recent years, this part of the customer's security product engineering requirements have become saturated. that most departments have installed security systems, a larger increase in limitations.

Second, financial resources bottleneck early due to the relatively small number of engineering companies, competition has not so intense now, Contractors and more easy access to project, and the Party in settlement payments also with the But with the increase in the number of engineering companies, and gradually intensified this competition, there has been more and more Loaning engineering, resulting in a lack of liquidity of the Contractors, which further affected the development of enterprises.

Misunderstanding of the product line, with the further development of the security industry, security product categories become more numerous. Contractors with particularity and specificity in a number of projects on the application of security products, if you are not familiar with the products on the temerity to use, will make the system function is compromised, can not achieve the desired effect, a negative impact to the Contractors .

In this case, how should for the enterprise to find a way out then?

One, looking for new market resources

Public security agencies, government agencies, financial institutions and industry is already saturated, the Internet industry, the educational publishing industry, large supermarkets, shopping malls and other industries, however, on the security has a new demand for security. Therefore, the project they can a little thought of in the development of these customers.

Second, to provide system solutions

In the security engineering design, construction process, contractors and dealers should complement each other and work together to program. As mentioned above, the dealer familiarity with the product better than the engineering contractor, reasonable in terms of product selection, better proposals, combined with the practical experience of engineering companies in the engineering, the two complement each other to achieve better results.

Third, to create a corporate culture

Security Project is different from security manufacturers, are generally difficult external conditions for the formation and precipitation of corporate culture, but as a business entity, and cultural influence is subtle, which can be conducive to a security project managers subtle way to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff and the warmth of the formation of human enterprise.

Fourth, focus on brand building

The quality of the project is certainly the best witness of the brand, but there is no after-sales service brand is not the true sense of the brand. Security engineering industry disorderly competition, Who is the first to create a brand, you will be able to de-Ying made, to seize industry opportunities.

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