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Security industry restriction factor

Time:2011-10-6 16:28:43Sources:YuzhiHao

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In recent years, due to the general rise in prices and raw material prices, sharp appreciation of the yuan, weakening consumer demand, rising labor costs and a tightening of monetary policy, and many other factors, a large number of SMEs has been the verge of collapse edge: fewer business orders, move work hard and slow return of capital and financing difficulties. In the domestic security companies, small and medium enterprises of the majority, no doubt also facing the same problem, it is understood by the weak market, the domestic part of the small and medium-sized security companies are close to the "besieged" the survival of an impasse.

China's security industry with the development of the socialist market economy has gradually grown up in the national economy since the reform and opening up the rapid development of people's living standards rising, driven by the growing need for security, for security awareness more and more deep. In particular, the major projects of "national emergency response system," Green City "," Green Campus "," police training in the country commenced, as well as the "Olympics", "Expo", the "Games", " Games and other major international events held in China to promote the rapid development of the security industry, security industry has shown a good momentum of a flourish. In recent years, statistics show that: China's security industry is the rapid growth of the average annual growth rate of 15% -30%.

Need to mind, however, that despite our country's security industry is showing positive, sustained, rapid, robust good momentum, but there are still many problems in the security industry in China, seriously restricting the healthy long-term security industry developments.

Secondly, the maturity of the market growth is low, the industry self-regulation mechanisms are not yet perfect.

Maturation of the Chinese security market is low, industry self-regulation mechanism has not been established; employees in the overall quality is not high security technology is not yet standardized; low level of products, high value-added, high-end products; disorderly competition in the market, the price confusion fake and shoddy products. The prevalence of these problems has seriously hampered the healthy development of China's security market is not conducive to the transformation and upgrading of the security industry. The need to strengthen the improvement of industry self-regulatory mechanism.

The industry association responsible for the implementation of the important responsibilities of industry self-regulation. Local Security Association needs to focus on standardizing the market order, improve the self-discipline management system to develop and organize the implementation of industry code of ethics to vigorously promote industry integrity of the building, improve industry self management constraint mechanism, regulate the conduct of its members, coordination of member relations, maintenance market environment of fair competition.

Third, the product level is low, high value-added, high-end products.

Security technology innovation, which is a sore point in the domestic security companies, domestic security companies to do some low-end products; high-end products, and technical, in general, foreign companies to 10 percent of the products occupy 80% to 90% market share. This situation, it is difficult to break, there are two main reasons: First, there are some large enterprises in the field of security, such as Honeywell, Tyco, Bosch and other established security companies, they have a strong R & D strength, which is lacking in many domestic enterprises; Second, the security market a large cake, we all want to cut, including IT vendors, telecommunications vendors, and even home appliances manufacturers to have pushed the field of security. They mainly rely on acquisitions, mergers enter the security market, they themselves are strong, this is the impact of security development. Such as Cisco Systems Inc., spent $ 3.1 billion merger like WebEx, provide him with a powerful management platform. Now propose to do HD, it acquired a company called the Flip HD to make the camera is 720P directly can receive high-definition applications. Domestic security companies are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, R & D and production of high-end product strength is too weak.

Fourth, corporate international trade rules, standards, market knowledge and mastery is not enough competition in a disadvantageous position, and other issues.

How much of tens of thousands of Chinese security companies, but the real strength to go out is not much, most of the business is essentially in the domestic minor, or even survive the next few years, whether in the fierce market competition are unknown . A small number of domestic security companies quickly grow up, have the strength to go out, but enough to grasp the international trade rules, standards, and understanding of the market at a disadvantage in the competition and other issues, is likely to be going out revolutionary pioneer . Therefore, the security industry is urgent need to standardize and guide.

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