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need for intelligent security monitoring

Time:2011-10-6 16:28:45Sources:YuzhiHao

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With the development of modern information society, people's living standards are rising, so the demand for security is more and more urgent. Especially since the "9 11" and the London bombing incident, domestic and foreign security market is an urgent need for intelligent security monitoring system products, in recent years, domestic and foreign has emerged in a number of different degree of intelligent security monitoring system or product, this also can see, security monitoring system is composed of digital, network step by step to smart to change. But these intelligent security monitoring system or product, whether to realize through the identification of abnormalities and advance / alarm? Must therefore be on the security monitoring system of product intelligent standard level.
Security industry in the so-called" intelligent" refers to the case without human intervention, the system can automatically realize the screen on the monitor in abnormal detection, recognition, in abnormal can make timely pre / alarm. The intelligent security monitoring system can satisfy people to monitor safety needs, so in recent years at home and abroad with vision security firms and has the ability of research and development of security monitoring enterprises have invested in research and development. Foreign security monitoring system or product suppliers continue to the introduction of the domestic intelligence products, as well as domestic intelligent security monitoring system or products constantly, in the security industry to bring pleasantly surprised at the same time, also let many industry insiders feel additional puzzles. The intelligent video analysis recognition can play a role? Under what circumstances play a role? Can meet us in various occasions in different levels of security needs? Whether to provide maximum safety benefit and really safe? Security monitoring system what is intelligence? This intelligence has some level of security engineering? Business how to put these products used in security monitoring projects? Therefore, in addition to the intelligent security monitoring system of product intelligent level there is a clear understanding, must also be of the products of intelligent evaluation.
In general, product suppliers in the pursuit of their own the biggest economic benefits principle, is often unrealistic to exaggerate their own products. And security engineering and other users of the new product of intelligence and not very clear, to the safety of the product benefit is more have a superficial knowledge of, such as incorrect its undertake assessment will cause a lot of used equipment and can not meet the actual security needs of the embarrassing situation, and even some in the use process is built as an ornament. This is not only to the user's investment is a great waste, more important is not up to the security needs.
If the user is able to use the security monitoring system of product intelligent assessment, or these products have the authority to assess, its effect will be installed two. So, security engineering not only can according to the user's security needs to adopt the most cost-effective, the most appropriate intelligent products, to maximize the investment cost savings, but also can maximize meet user security needs, in order to build the best system performance.
From the result, the security monitoring system or product intelligent standard grade assessment is very important, this assessment is needed, in order to protect the security of demand.

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