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Product description

 1.Executive standard:Bluetooth V2.0
 2.Working distance:10 meters
 3.Modulation system:FHSS2.4G
 4.Transmitting power:Class 2
 5.0perating voltage:3.0-5.0
 6.Word current:<5.0MA
 7.Standby current:2.5MA
 8.Sleeping current:<200UA
 9.Charging current:>100MA
 10.Standby time:100days
 11.Theory of working Time:25days
 12.Uninterrupted working time:90 hours
 13.Charging time:4-4.5 hours
 14.Li-ion battery Capacity:Minimum 430MAH
 15.Lithium battery life:3 years
 16.Lithium battery Specifications:4.5*24*47MM
 17.Key strength:80±10g
 18.Key life:500 million
 19.Operating temperature:-20-+-55℃
 20.Storage temperatuer: -40-+-70℃
Wireless silicone rubber Keyboard with touchpad, supports tablet and PC perfectly.
Excellent for medical and industrial applications.
2.4G Dingital RF(with USB receiver)
Working distance: up to 10 meters(30 feet)
Operating temperature:-40℃to80℃
Easy to operate with the touchpad
Supports PC with OS of Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Mac,etc.
Use AAA battery
Made of silicon rubber. Works well in harsh environment. Dustproof, chemical-proof and non-toxic
Quiet and comfortable for typing
Able to support multi languages
Color and size can be customized upon request
Regulation approval: upon request
RoHS compliance

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